Monday, August 30, 2010

Blastown! Funtown/Splashtown USA, Scarborough, ME

To start off our Road Trip 2010 this summer we hit an ole standby (ok, we've been twice, but it's far!); Storyland.  To end our Road Trip, we hit up their main competitors in the NE, and it was close.  Storyland beats out both Funtown and York's Wild Kingdom for kid rides, and their super cool story themes.  But like York, Funtown is a two-fer.  You may get fuzzie-wuzzies at York, but you get crazy splashin' on the par of Water Country at Splashtown.  But, each of these spots was a little easier to swallow at the admissions counter with our friend the Breathe New Hampshire Fun Pass.  (Sydney got in free and it had already paid for itself our first trip to Storyland). 

We got prepped by hitting our hotel pool at 7AM, then headed off to Foodie Mommy's rec for breakfast; The Standard Baking Company.  That lady knows her prosciutto and cheese croissants.  She also seems to know her sticky buns and pain au chocolat too.  Anyway, I digress.  It was clear Lij wasn't feeling great, but we had been talking this place up to Sydney for weeks.  He and I hit the bumper cars and the Thunder Falls Log Flume.  Things were heating up.  We tried to get him on a couple of roller coasters, too short.  So, he wants to go to Casino.  Now, I'm not talking Foxwoods, this ride spins you up, down, around and then hits reverse.  The last time I was on one of these was at Canobie Lake in middle school, let's just say that time I made it to the bathroom.

Lij and Kam joined us for some great kiddie rides, especially the swings.  Then we hit Splashtown.  I thought Sydney might be more ready for the Portland Pirates Paradise, but it was a bit too shocking.  He opted for the tubes with mommy on Liquid Lightening.  Lij and I hung in the Family Fun Lagoon, but he was fading fast.  We grabbed a quick bite, got Sydney one more ride on Liquid and hit the road.  Oh, we'll be back!