Sunday, August 15, 2010

A Lovely Tromp Through the Woods: Tolland State Forest, Tolland, MA

Perhaps when you think of the Berkshires, you think of Tanglewood or Jacob's Pillow.  But, just maybe you came with the kids to get away from it all.  Just maybe, you wanted to be alone with the fam, not surrounded by thousands of artistic junkies.  Then Tolland is the place for you.

While the motor boats on Otis Reservoir were a bit disconcerting while tromping in nature, this was a beautiful body of water.  We opted for the "Healthy Heart" Gillmore Trail.  Not simply because we just can't get enough of that wacky mother and daughter team.  More, because I really was hoping that if we didn't go too far, Liji could make the entire trek on his own two feet (re: the end of the daddy backpack please!).

Well, we started to climb and ole Liji's legs gave out, but he opted for grandpa's shoulders (phew).  Grandpa regaled us with that time that he and I summited like 70 peaks in three days, including Mt. Washington when I was just a few months older than Sydney is now.  (It was like 20 below one night at Lake of the Clouds people, and the dog almost froze!)  Ironically we had just been there, so I reminded Sydney what a crazy idea this was for a five year old.  Anyway, we had a lovely tromp, caught up on some more salamanders, checked out the woodpecker holes and made it safely back in time for lunch.  The perfect hike.