Tuesday, August 17, 2010

This is the End? Who Knew it was so Beachy; World's End, Hingham, MA

One of our first Dadventures in Beantown was long before there was a blog, back when Liji was just shaking off his first mommyventure.  Stroller and all, we trudged up the hill with two year old Sydney and settled in on a beautiful view of Boston.  Then the clouds rolled in and all I can remember is sprinting with a six month old, his stroller and someone carrying Sydney.  Today, was not that day.

The Trustees for Reservations spots are so incredible, it is almost impossible to imagine that they were ever in private hands.  Did the Cranes really have Crane Beach all to themselves?  Did local businessman John Werner really own this enchanted hillside on the bay in Hingham for just the fam?  Evidently Frederick Law Omstead of Central Park fame helped out a little on the design.  We love the Trustee lands, we just keep coming back for more.

This was a fitting cap to a summer of dadventures with my closest pal Adam and his daughter.  She led my boys down to the beach and spent an uninterrupted hour plus hunting hermit crabs with them while we caught up.  Covered in muck and happy as clams to get out of the heat, we headed for the tony downtown. We hit up Yelp for a local find and ran across the Square Cafe.  While our mud may not have suited the owner, the pasta sure suited us.  Thanks Hingham for a lovely day on the shore that felt a far cry from the end of the world, or the last place on earth.