Sunday, September 26, 2010

Horticultural Paradise; Garden in the Woods, Framingham, MA

We spent a lot of time in the garden this summer.  We started with the season buying plants at Russell's and ended it when the tomatoes ran out at Verrils'.  But sometime we just need some inspiration for our green thumbs.  The diversity and density of species at Garden in the Woods just blows away rivals like the Mass. Horticultural Society's Elm Bank.

The New England Wildflower Society has really put together an amazing display, from the lily pond to the Western woods.  You can catch a glimpse of turtles on floating islands full of flowers and run through the meadows with wildflowers taller than the kids.  The Invasive Plant Jail is one of my favorites because it inspires me every spring to rip out all those annoying berry bushes that take over my side yard.

But the most amazing highlight of a visit is the art.  We walked through a beautiful twig house, and followed the wooden mazes through the trees.  But our highlight to date has to have been the Insects installation a couple of years ago featuring artist David Rogers.  His installation of giant spiders, ants, butterflies and more was spectacular.  You can still catch a giant walking stick (pun intended I think, 'cause it is made from sticks) off amongst the trees.  So enjoy the flowers, take the kids on a scavenger hunt and end your day at Sichuan Gourmet, our fav "real" Chinese in Metrowest and make it a day in Framingham.

Tonkarrific! Touch a Truck; Wayland, MA

Recently our best friend FoodieMommy left Natick and crossed north into Wayland.  It is a brave new world up there, even though it is just one block away. Everything is just fancier in Wayland, from the little pristine ponds to the cute little fire houses.  Even our favorite "wooden playground" is more than Natick can offer on our limited property taxes. Thankfully, the 5th Annual "Touch a Truck" event let's Wayland keep it real.

Lij reads about trucks, drives around toy trucks and talks endlessly about front-loaders, fire engines and bull dozers like an afficianado.  Yet, even Sydney was impressed with the line up at this event.  In addition to the standard fair offered at Natick Days; fire trucks, ambulances and cop cars, this show had giant lawn mowers, snow plows and some wierd electronic van (a local sponsor?  there were plenty).

But this was more than a truck event.  There were inflatable slides, bouncy houses and standard fair fare from Nathalie's pizza to some decent hotdogs.  While it didn't rival our local fall event with booths, games and more, it wasn't a bad way to spend a beautiful fall morning.