Saturday, July 25, 2009

The Feudal Burbs: Hannah Williams Playground, Wayland, MA

Hannah Williams Playground

57 Main Street
Wayland, MA

Reasons to venture:

  • Tonka, Tonka, Tonka: the generous folks of Wayland pass on their hand-me-downs to the sand box.
  • The elaborate wooden castle mazes allow you to reenact the Norman Conquests with your boys while playing hide n' seek
  • Remember when you could trek up Tuckerman's in the snow without a Starbucks in sight, look across the street and be saved.
How far will you go for the dream playground?


Kami said...

I actually really dig the playground at Johnson Elementary school in Natick. It's small enough that I can watch both boys at the same time, but there's alot of great climbing for both their ages. I just discovered it this summer and am excited about it!

The Dadventurer said...

Johnson is even fun for sledding with little ones in the winter, that hill can poop you out if you do it 200 times.