Saturday, July 25, 2009

Old School NYC: Central Park Carousel, NY, NY

The Central Park Carousel

Park Ave.
New York, NY

Reasons to venture:

  • Like a Boston carousel has this kind of history, or even its own website, although the music gets on your last nerve. For that, you gotta head all the way to the Vineyard for the Flying Horses.
  • The ten minute walk to my old hood at Lex and E73rd sports a castle, the Great Lawn, a boathouse and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Beat that!
  • The balloon guys take donations. Get out, is this a free country or what!
Quick, top five carousels of all time?


adamCS said...

Flying Horses, Oak Bluffs, MA

The Dadventurer said...

The carousel at Prospect Park in Brooklyn is pretty sweet too.