Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Guest Blog: Leave it to Beaver: Beaver Brook Reservation, Belmont, MA

Guest Blogger: Kami Lewis Levin
Beaver Brook Reservation
Mill Street
Belmont, MA

Reasons to venture:

  • Get your feet wet in your splash park, leave a footprint on the boulders
  • Step into adventure from the get-go, over a river and through the bridge to rabbit's house we go.
  • Where else can you get 59 acres of wild inside 128 with Fernald only a hop, skip and jump away.
How do you get your splash on when the thermometer spikes?


Cynthia said...

Would you believe Seth that you used to go to this park across from where I worked and then we would eat at Andros I am going to find some pictures of you on the giant Tortoise.


The Dadventurer said...

That is crazy that I remember that picture, but often forget that the dadventurer genes come from both sides of the family ma.