Friday, July 24, 2009

Who needs Disney: Storyland, North Conway, NH


Story Land
3073 White Mountain Hwy,
N. Conway, NH

Happy Father's day weekend all of you dadventurers out there.  I am curious to hear how you spent your big weekend.  Me?  Story Land of course.  That's right, we went the safe and secure route by hoping in the car and heading north on a beautiful June day, just 48 hours after the Lakers won it all.  Why Story Land you ask?  Two reasons; much needed fun and Mt. Washington (i'll get to that one in tomorrow's post).  I decided I needed to enlist in a seven step program.

How to recover from the game 7 Celts blues? Hop on the Bamboo Chutes log flume with your kiddo. First, take a little cold water and splash repeatedly in your face while your son screams in delight (click here for live action on YouTube).  Step two?  Get on a Polar coaster.  Sure, it's made for midgets, but who can argue with the hairpin turns of our friend Wally to scare you back to the simple things.  step three?  Let your older son drive a motorized swan around while you backseat drive to restore a little calm and order to your perspective on things.


Ok, step four.  Make sure you and the little one ride the Story Land Queen; a giant swan boat, while wifey and the big kid attack you from a pirate ship of twenty screaming kids.  Fear of the lord has almost returned.  Step five?  Watch the little one slowly sink down into a ball pit, resurface, jump back in and repeat.   This is a reminder of how you should be spending your time.  Step six?  Pick up sticks (you can even climb in the buckle my shoes). That's right, they got the whole Mother Goose thing going on.  If there aren't a few moral lessons in the Three Little Pigs (gluttony), The Three Billie Goats Gruff (control) and Peter, Peter, Pumpkineater (jealousy), I don't know what does.  Step seven, let the boys circle the place in the train one last time and watch as they finally crash on your lap at 4pm.  For a million dollars less than Disney, no plane and a scenic drive, you cant beat the heat (or the Lakers) anywhere better than Story Land.