Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day at Russell's, Wayland, MA

My mom and I have a tradition dating back at least thirty years (yes people I am THAT old, or THAT young, however you want to look at it).  Every mother's day we would go to Volante's or Mahoney's and crank up the garden.  This was a tough tradition to live up to when I lived in Oregon, Washington, Colorado and even NYC.   This Mother's Day tradition was one of the many reasons we moved was to be closer to family.  Now the boys have joined the dadventure.

I chose Russells because it is the Disney World of garden centers.  The boys love this place.  It is everything living in Brooklyn was not.  We now own 3/4's of an acre and have been slowly filling it up one spring, summer and fall dadventure at a time.  Last summer, Liji spent most of it picking peas and eating them straight from the vine.  Now we had already hit Russells en route to Codman Farms for early plantings this spring because of the quality and accesibility that make all of that outdoor fun possible.

Mom and I like to find those crazy varieties of tomatoes, the boys of course refuse to eat them.  She hung out in the petunias and annuals while I took the boys over to the pond fish supplies.  As if having Lake Cochituate in the backyard wasn't enough, the boys want a pond (read, dad wants a coi farm).  So, we grab two bullfrog tadpoles and hope they don't end up in the fish tank filter like last year.  We just added "Froggy Learns to Swim," to the library, thus completing the "Froggy" series just in the nick of time.   Finally, we made sure to rustle up a few bags of MooDoo, cause the boys love to say "cow poop" about as much as I love spreading it. And we're out.  Two hundred bucks down, piles of poop,  months of organic produce and man-labor ahead, how better to spend Mother's Day appreciating mom.