Sunday, May 30, 2010

A Vineyard View: South Cape Beach, Mashpee, MA

South Cape Beach.  Even the name sounds like an imitation.  It is along walk down the coast from the "real" south beach in Miami.  You can gaze out on the Vineyard, but you can't touch it.  It is on the ocean side of our beautiful spot on Waquoit Bay, hence the water was much colder.  The place is even teeming with inch long sand crabs.

Then why, oh why would the boys spend three hours there?  Yeah, it was the sand crabs.  We may have strolled the beach for an hour scooping up six different shades of seaweed (the boys liked the clear, snot like variety best, surprise, surprise).  But while I was busy taking in the rolling dunes covered in wild roses, the boys were collecting these wierd shrimp-like hoppers and putting them in empty shoes.  The Waquoit Bay National Estuarine Reseach Reserve teams with wildlife, including these odd balls.  We found blue crabs, spider crabs, martins in their houses, and even some herons.  Who needs the "real" south beach.