Saturday, May 29, 2010

Cape Rains, Fun Pours; The Cape Cod Children's Museum, Mashpee, MA

Many of you face this choice every weekend.  To Cape, or not to Cape.  Those of not fortunate enough to own our own borrow.  In this case, our borrow of choice for years has been my folk's place in Mashpee.  So while you crazy folks navigate the bridge traffic every good lookin' weekend, we pick and choose.  But when we don't  choose quite right, we end up here at the Cape's best indoor space (nothing personal Cape Cod Museum of Natural History, it was close).

Why has this former warehouse pulled beantowners down for twenty years?  It's gotta be the pirate ship.  Where else can four year-olds stand a story up on this sand bar and launch soft cannon fodder down at their parents?  The toddlers, (well our Thomas addict) love the trains.  You can crawl your way through four cars and even pose plastic farm animals precariously on the front grill.  There is plenty of science as well, from a rolling track for golf balls to math toys.

What makes this place special though is the extras.  Every once and a while they pull out the Star Lab, a cool inflatable planetarium.  Their puppet theatre hosts work from Falmouth high students.  Even more impressively, they feature an entire section on the history of the famous Mashpee Wampanoag tribe, (we missed the Pow Wow at their HQ next door, again!)  So, the next time you make the bridge gamble and get caught in a gale, instead of sitting and reading Good Night Cape Cod, over and over again, head to Mashpee for this indoor dadventure hotspot for kids.


Celeste said...

My name is Celeste Evans and I am the social media/website coordinator for the Cape Cod Children's Museum in Mashpee, MA.
I've recently come across your blog post and I want to thank you for the kind words you had for our museum.
Would be alright with you if we might use your post and pictures in our future advertising, specifically, our new website that we will be launching...
Please e-mail me back at I'm sure, if you were to give us permission, we could send you along some passes to our museum.
Thank you!