Sunday, May 30, 2010

Go Triple A with the PawSox: McCoy Ballpark, Pawtucket, RI

It is hard to review any park after Fenway (of course, I left that one up to author Chris Klein 'cause I knew he would do a way better job). That doesn't mean I won't try.  I still hold on to that college dream of a summer coast to coast road trip, hitting as many majors as I can.  Now that would be a dadventure boys.  In the meantime, I'll settle on the minors.  I love the park in Portland, you can't get enough of that SeaDog mascot (whatever that is) or that loud foghorn with every homer.  The other Portland hosts a bizarre park and the last time I was there they were still a Rockies affiliate because there is so little pro ball in the west.  The relatively new stadium in Newark is pretty nice, even though it marks another failed effort at gentrification in this once prosperous town.  But, the best location of all is not the view of Manhattan atop the hill in Staten Island (plus their a Yankees affiliate).  It's the Brooklyn Cyclones at Coney Island.

Now, if seeing a Sox affiliate is more important than the park or locale, Pawtucket is your place (Lowell, here we come!) We were greeted at the park by Paws the Polar Bear and his lady friend.  Sydney was psyched and went back three times to grab a pic, a handshake, then an autograph on his Sox cap.  Lij wouldn't come within ten feet.  Seventeen bucks later on day of game and we were in for general admission seats.  We chose the left field bern.  I am not sure what a bern is at a ballpark, but it was a pretty sweet lawn view of the action.  Paws' lady even made it out there to throw some souvenir balls.

Free parking, five dollar beers, a benjamin less than the gates at Fenway and yes, we even saw Clay throw a mean one last summer as he got his act back together.  Who knows, you might be watching the future Youk, Dustin, or even Rocket Roger.  Was it the best ball we've ever seen?  No.  Did the boys shake their booties every time the PA pumped out a player's theme-song?  You betcha.  So head down 128, stop by the  Roger Williams Zoo, save a few and enjoy.