Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sydney the Science Kid: The Science Discovery Museum, Acton MA

Growing up, everybody loved science.  Dad is a neuroscientist, mom a Children's Hospital administrator, even my step-mother had her PhD in biomed.  Both grandpas have a post-grad degrees in the sciences.  Dinner talk was of rat brains and fat cells.  Until sophomore year in college, I was sure that I would be joining them (until I discovered organic chem). But science is still in the blood, and it sure trickled down to our boys (despite the Lewis/Krieger family Law genes).  

We already loved the Discovery Children's Museum.  But my father can sniff out a science museum from a hundred miles, and realized last winter that there was one next store.  Today's trip featured Bessie the Dinosaur's birthday.  She didn't look a day over twenty eight, but she sure had left a lot of eggs to find between the steam machine and the polarizing lenses.    One of today's highlights though was the harmonographic table.  This was the coolest giant spirograph we had ever seen, and we have the drawings to prove it.

Like its next door neighbor, the Science museum is a great place for parties for kids of all ages.  They insist that this museum is geared toward the older set, but both Liji and his pal Noah who are two couldn't be pulled out of there.  Even in the pouring rain we had to try out the satellite dishes where we could whisper secrets to Sydney 100 feet across the entranceway.  So while Acton may not seem like the most convenient location, come for the day.  Throw a PBS Sid the Science Kid in the car DVD, hit the Children's then the Science, and you can't go wrong.


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