Monday, June 28, 2010

Beauty and the Beach; Wingaersheek Beach, Gloucester, MA

Ok kids.  The gloves are off.  None of this early spring chilly beach stuff on Opening Day (why they even play proball in this weather is beyond me).  Forget windy Memorial Days down on the Cape where we are forced to wear T-shirts!  Get out the SPF 50, crank up the AC in the car 'cause it's 90 outside and head north young man.  When Boston swelters, the north shore saves.  A no water cools you quicker than Wingaersheek by the bay.

You can scroll through the Globe's beachfinder and find few other spots with such perfect waves (none for kiddos), rolling tides (maybe Eastham) or fun rocks to climb.  Sure we fought some barnacles.  Ok $20 seems steep, but Gloucester's schools are in trouble so think of it as an indirect contribution.  Sure, their shoulders came back a little red.  But who wouldn't tough it out in the name of pure summer fun?

Sydney is getting his swim on these days, and swim he did.  From one rock to the next, he looked like a seal.  Liji proudly perched on my shoulders, still to skinny to dive headfirst into northshore waters in the last days of June.  But you just wait.  They'll be doing flips off those rocks in a couple of years (as long as mommy is working and daddy is off like he was today).  So throw the "Perfect Storm" in the beach bag for a little light Gloucester lit and get out there, enjoy the sun and surf and let the games begin!  Happy summer 2010!