Sunday, November 22, 2009

So Many Rooms, So Little Time: The Discovery Museums, Acton, MA

So Many Rooms, So Little Time
The Discovery Museums
177 Main Street
Acton, MA

Reasons to venture:

  • Bessie's Play Diner makes the best plastic breakfast in MetroWest, hands-down (I know the chef)
  • Birthday parties are rumored to be a blast, we checked out the face painting that is one of their features.
  • The Sea of Clouds at the Science museum is cool whether you are 3 or 30.
Where's your favorite children's museum?


Jaime said...

Ok-so this museum was recommended to me by the Dadventurer himself. He is a pretty trustworthy guy, so I decided to try it out on Saturday with my 16 month old son, Alex. I knew it was a hit when Alex played in the first room (the train station) for almost a half hour. The rooms got better and better as we made our way up to the attic. We liked it so much that we went back on Sunday and brought his cousins!
Excellent Recommendation:)

The Dadventurer said...

Thanks Jaime - Head up the hill for science when Alex gets a little bit bigger, Sydney loves it.