Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Spring Calves and Kids: The Codman Community Farm, Lincoln, MA

After the four day noreaster that turned our backyard into the Charles, what better way to spend a sunny spring day in the sixties than a little farm animal fun.  Unless of course, the drumlin is the only part of Drumlin Farm that is not under water.   So maybe we'll get an early start on planting peas?  No, our fav,  Russel's Garden Center is under water too, (I mean several feet).  What are we gonna do?  I rely pretty heavily in these circumstances on my dadventure bible, "The Children's Way to the Metrowest."  I am not sure who the geniuses are at The Children's Way, but it makes me wonder what's in the water in Wayland that they never run out of great dadventure ideas.  Codman was on the list.  We love Lincoln, we love goats and cows.  How could we go wrong?

We arrived to a quiet farm.  No kids being born, no new chicks, and sheep shearing is still a month from today; (April 17th, check it out 'cause I have heard it is awesome!)  We dodged puddles for almost an hour, petted the new kid goats, got up close and personal with the new calves and were chased from the chicken coop to the turkey cage by a very brave rooster.

While the boys were peddling a pint sized tractor in the old barn, I was checking out the Farm store.  I almost went for the side of beef in the freezer, but thought for a minute of that cute little calf I almost took home.  I thought seriously about their adoption program, then checked the price-tag.  Instead, we settled for a dozen eggs, leaving four bucks in an on-your-honor box, (and to think we moved here from NYC.)    It was a perfectly civilized start to a beautiful spring.  


Kami said...

I gave you a sunshine award. Because you are my sunshine.