Saturday, March 6, 2010

Maple Days at the Natick Community Organic Farm; Natick, MA

It snowed all week, and then it didn't.  Out of the snow peaked the first crocus bud and robins literaly covered the yard this morning.  More importantly, the sap began to run at the Natick Community Organic Farm.  It's Maple Days, and evidently they couldn't have timed it better with 30 degree temps last night and fifty degrees today, (thanks for the mini-lesson on sapping, Farmer Katie).  

So we packed up the family at 8AM, convinced my mother-in-law from Miami that, yes, we New Englanders are not totally insane for heading outside, voluntarily, in temps near freezing and headed to the farm.  We hadn't been there since Sydney's last Chore Time class in the fall.  The ground was barren, the goats shivered, but the fire was delightful.  After watching sap run from the trees, Sydney and Liji danced around the warm embers designed to show how Native Americans discovered the art of making maple sugar candy, (my personal all-time favorite).  Then we watched colonial pots boil, celebrating our pilgrim past at the farm.


But let's be honest, the tour was great, but we came for the pancakes.  Memorial School next store is host to the Maple Days breakfast.  Pancakes dripping in syrup so heavy your kids are covered.  The Clambake Five kickin' the banjo and trombone so loud you can't help but kick up your heels.  As we exited the cafeteria out into the parking lot, bellies full, brows sweaty, we realized we didn't even need out coats.  Spring was in the air.


Claudia Lewis said...

LaLa enjoyed every minute with you, Kami, and the kids! The pancakes were a definite bonus!

your source for blogging adventures for dads and moms said...

you can take the girl out of Miami, but you... oh wait, I think we did take Miami out of the girl for a moment.