Monday, August 16, 2010

A Rainbow of Fun; The Loker Park Tot Lot, Natick, MA

aka the "Rainbow Playground"

This playground has traditionally been more of a momventure than a dadventure, but I happened to land their with mommy and the boys this weekend after a great trip to the Natick Farmer's Market on the Commons this weekend (which you can check out at my bud Foodie Mommie's wicked awesome blog.   We were surprising her for dinner that night with some pork ribs from the Chestnut Farms CSA
stand, and as mommy often does on her way back from the Commons, she stopped for a quick hit on the "Rainbow playground."

There is plenty to conquer for both tots and preK's at this lovely spot across from the famous Walnut Hill Arts School.  Perhaps that is why on this day, one of the heros from the 2008 Celtics Championship season showed up with his kids.  Our very own Brian Scalabrine was making his way through this magical rainbow tunnel with his tots.  As if having a 6'9" red-head on your playground wasn't a tip, wifey blew his cover with a "hey Brian, if you want to do __ we need to get going."

The bigger celebrity for Sydney was his classmate Catherine, who just happened to be there.  After a romp on their awesome climbing walls, and a hard core game of rolling down the hills, we settled in for a few tire swing tangles.  Check them out on YouTube as they work on perfecting their new jams "Mary had a little HORSE."  Overall, a great stop from the Commons any day.


Bethany Schlegel said...

thanks for your review! we might try it later today and it's a little further for us (we are meeting somewhere halfway) so it's good to know it's worthwhile!