Sunday, August 1, 2010

Tursitaventure #2; Spectacle Island, The Harbor Islands, Boston, MA

Remember George Bush the First calling out Mike Dukakis on his environmental record because Boston Harbor was like one of the most polluted bodies of water in the country?  Ok, you weren't an enviro dork in like middle school like me, but you know this water was nasty stuff in the 80's.  Well now it is a National Park.  Crazy, "keeping it for the kids" huh?

In fact, this Harbor is so popular now that we had missed the 1:30PM boat and had to take the 2:30PM.  We had enjoyed a fantastic train ride (that's how we roll to the Aquarium and Chinatown only for some reason, uhh Fenway anyone?) and enjoyed a lovely stroll with our cuz Michaela down the new Rose Kennedy Parkway, which we hit back for another roll on the carousel (two-for this weekend).

After a late, but spectacular departure from Long Warf we jetted past Castle Island out into the Harbor.  I am ashamed to admit that this was my first trip, and (hence my family's), into the Harbor.  Despite Logan, the gas tanks and the shipping containers, the skyline surrounded by sails is splendid.  We docked and were met with the sounds of the Save the Harbor, Save the Bay fundraising party.  This group is a big part of why the harbor is so clean, so we were quite glad to bop our way out to the beach.  We spent over an hour collecting spectacular sea glass, dreaming of all of the arts and crafts projects we would design (until we saw the sign asking us to "leave it for others to enjoy.")  We then took a tour of the boundary trail, stopping to pick blackberries along the way.  We were so excited that Jasper White had set-up a Summer Shack cart at the concession, only to discover that it's clambakes was for private parties.  So we grabbed a few hot dogs and reserved a spot in Cambridge at the Shack for after bedtime (the kids could read How I Became a Pirate, by Melinda Long instead).  We did get a few pirate party bags out of the deal anyway, even if those scoundrels had never used this beautiful island as their home base.  The cuzzes don't need to know.


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