Sunday, August 15, 2010

Peace and Quiet in the Wilds; Wildwood Community, Granville, MA

Ahhh... the sweet sounds of birds chirping in the morning.  Ok, maybe it was six AM, but that tells you just how quiet things are in the Wildwood planned vacation community.  Originally intended to be the "Chamonix of the Berkshires," Wildwood is a lovely vacation spot for owners and renters built around spectacular Cranberry Pond, with no motor boats and only limited cellur service (detox for us Crackberry addicts).  My dad picked it out for our summer vacation week as more peaceful alternative to the Cape.

We spent most of the week fishing, canoeing (although we couldnt bring our own canoe, dang Zebra mussle scare), and of course swimming.  Sydney spent most of the week swimming to and from one of the four beaches to the perfectly carpeted floating docks.  Until he realized there were fancy floating mats under the house.  Then he really got crazy mixing noodles, surfing and diving.  Daddy spent a lot of time going for long swims and built sand castles, mommy read all of Jane Austin's "Emma" and Elijah mastered the beach toys many purposes (check him out on YouTube).

After a long Road Trip south and Kami's recent trip to Manhattan to receive her Award at BlogHer, this was the perfect anecdote.  We only left the house to go to Tanglewood and for a couple of hikes in Granville and Tolland State Forests despite all the wonderful nearby adventures in the Berkshires.  So if you need to get away from it all, and you just want a couple hours in the car to do it, check out Wildwood.