Friday, August 13, 2010

All Tangled Up in Blue (Skies): Tanglewood, Tanglewood, MA

As a relative novice to the Berkshire scene, it appeared that no trip out here was complete without a trip to Tanglewood.  On our first visit this summer, we had plans to see our Cousin Philip play there with his colleagues in the Emerson String Quartet, but alas work called us back to Boston.  We had tried to get James Taylor/Carol King tickets, but please people, there was no way.

So this trip out we hit the nail on the head with an ole standby, the BSO.  Tanglewood has been the summer residence of the Boston Symphony Orchestra since 1937, and it is clear why.  This place is magical for adults and kids alike.  My dad and his girlfriend set-up camp on the lawn ahead of schedule for us with the requisite blanket, rented chairs, wine glasses and crackers.  Before the first tuning, the boys were full of snacks.

Sydney lasted through the entire performance of Beethoven's Violin Concerto in D which I fondly recalled from my long-night study sessions in college.  He and I silently worked our way through Uno and
Go Fish while he enjoyed the music.  By intermission, we were ready to join Liji and Kam on the overlook at the Kid’s Corner.  That’s right people, Tanglewood leaves open a huge space overlooking the lakes and mountains for kids to run, parents to listen and provides free snacks and arts and crafts.  Did I mention the kids got in free?  This was our first real outdoor concert with the boys, and we couldn’t have asked for better.