Monday, August 16, 2010

Can Ice Cream Really Trump a Million Adventures?: Kimball Farm, Westford, MA

Yes, the ice cream at Kimball Farm is really worth the trip to Westford.  If you already love this 'hood for Nashoba Valley, then you just decided to tie the knot.  Mary Frawley aka "my work mom" who raised a couple of boys of her own is always a sure bet for recs.  She has been pushin' Kimball for years and we finally made it out today with our own of towners.  It was everything their exciting webpage promoted and more.

We started off with mini-golf.  We're not talking any Play Bosquet stuff we hit with them in the Berkshires.  We're talking hills, valleys, waterfalls and yes even two holes in a make-believe mine shaft.  Then we caught some bumper boats before lunch.  Sydney wasn't sure if he could handle it, but quickly decided afterward that flying solo was so the right choice.

Lunch was really no slouch either.  We had the fried clams and shrimp plates.  Perhaps no Woodmans of Ipswich rival, but it sure hit the spot after our "workout."  That's when the real fireworks began.  We hopped in the  Animal Adventures tent and caught a kinkajou and petted a python.  A quick beach volleyball Dadbreak and we were off to the cages.  Even Kam got in the swing, taking a few cracks at slow pitch softballs for the first time in her life.  She was aptly rewarded with the piece de resistance;  the kiddie cup.  Yeah, they're fooling you.  This mound of sugary, creamy wonder is not fit for kiddies, but it sure capped a fantastic dadventure.