Saturday, July 31, 2010

Turistaventure #1; Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA

When the cuzzes are in town from Orlando, you gotta start off the weekend as touristy as it gets.  Go Faneuil Hall.  I mean, where can you get more square miles of "Boston" t-shirts anywhere else in Beantown?  Where else can you hit fried dough and oysters in the same stretch of crazy market hallway?

We started off in style with a revisit to the Commons.  Sydney reminded us of our last pleasant outing for the Walk for Hunger.  So we hit the Swan Boats again, and made sure to catch the carousel.  We breezed past the Frog Pond which looked like it was better suited to skating than swimming.  Then we rocked the Freedom Trail for a few minutes down to the Hall, giving a shout out to the Sam Adam's grave and the Revolutionary reenactors sporting it as tour guides.  Perhaps another day, in say ten years when they may care a bit more (see Williamsburg and Lexington).

Now before you enter the hall, it is important to plan a strategy.  Don't by any means get stuck at the pizza Bagel stop with kids.  They will think they want them (and they don't).   Make a bee line for the tables in the court to hold down the fort.  Then slowly plan out your attack.  All we cared about was the Walrus and the Carpenter Oyster Bar, a fav standby.  Most importantly though, we hit the shows.  This time we watched Lucky Bob, Prop Comic Juggler.  For a five spot in tips, out kids were amazed for over half an hour.  Best of all, he called on Sydney out of dozens of other little ones.  And my little man, he threw a perfect strike of a bowling pin to Bob while he balanced on a board. A perfect turista intro.