Saturday, July 10, 2010

Small Ball at the Yard: Futures at Fenway, Fenway Park, Boston, MA

Today was their big day.  Last Tuesday was mine.  Today they dipped a toe in the splendid grass that covers Fenway.  Tuesday I took the mound at the Y.  Minor league kids who dreamed of this day doned their Lowell Spinner caps and made adjustments.  Up until Tuesday I had been dreading/dreaming of coaching T-ball for my son some day.  Today it all came together.

Was the baseball good at Futures at Fenway?  Was it good at the Y with 4 and 5 year olds taking the field?  Do I really need to answer either of those questions?  All I know is that Sydney could ask me today why the runner stole second and the Fenway Franks tasted perfect.  When my buddy Leo and I debated why stealing home on a passed ball on the fourth ball was ok, I am fairly certain Sydney at least had an inkling of what we were talking about.  Maybe the guys behind us who was staying for the second game of to watch the Salem affiliate could answer us.

Sydney was willing to sit through the rain out and "watch the tarp."  He even decided to shoot down the ride to our car, parked over as always by the "cheap lot" at BU so that we got get drenched.  We drove home shirtless through a monsoon with class IV rapids on Route 9. It sure beat driving home from Pawtucket.   If today wasn't an adventure, well hell, what is?