Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The Waves are Alive with the Sounds of Dolphins; Outer Banks Cruises, Manteo, NC

My kids are the ones you see at the Aquarium debating the merits of echolocation with their cousins.  Unlike their cousins, their mom isn’t the Curator of Marine Mammals.  Their mom didn’t train dolphins for a living either.  But like them, their mom loves her some animals.  Sydney hit his first whale watch in utero up in Maine.  Kam hit the boat’s bathroom, a lot.  She would do anything for her kids to catch some whales.  She made sure we got out last summer in P'Town.  At this point whale watches and beach vacations are a family tradition.

The Outer Banks is notorious for their dolphins.  Several mornings we woke up, only to discover pods migrating outside our living room window while picturesque pelicans floated overhead.  We headed out to Manteo to get a closer look.  The Outer Banks Dlphin Cruises has only been following them for sixteen years, but their family had been fishing off the OBX since the eighteenth century.  It’s possible these dolphin and this family’s ancestors have been trolling these waters together ever since.

We seem to have a penchant for hitting homers on whale watches these days.  We spent an hour sliding in and out of a pod of over thirty bottlenose.  Little twenty-five pound babies crested over the backs of their mommies.  Daddies showed off their flippers, smacking the waves.  A few even jumped up and out of the water to show us their stuff.  It was the best showing this family outfit had seen in weeks.  Chalk one up to another successful cetacean outing and more fuel for the biologist in my boys.