Monday, July 5, 2010

Ummm People's Republic: The Taste of Cambridge, Cambridge, MA

Alright.  In case you haven't already guessed we both work in Cambridge.  And while we love it with all of our hearts, the People's Republic just ain't NYC.  Now that wasn't true when I was at NNHS and we hit the square every summer evening cruising like Coloradans revvin' their pickup engines down Main Street.  For all intents and purposes, this event was the a late twenty-something version of the same thing, but this time it was for a gerat cause.  CitySprouts.  And we were ready to eat.

Now my best friend Foodie Mommy might argue that Cambridge got it going on in the culinary world, but you'll notice she sneaks off to the Apple every chance she gets.  There was some good stuff here at the Taste, but it was point in case why being a Foodie in Beantown is tough.  The boys?  They didn't mind.  They stuffed their faces. The girls?  They didn't mind either, each ticket came with four glasses of beverage included.

For $50 (free for the kiddos) we got to surf Boston's finest.  Lij particularly liked the fruit gazpacho.  The higlight of the evening though was the message.  The fine folks at City Sprouts have made an amazing garden with the staff, families and kids at my school.  You should check them out.  Even better throw them a few bucks (yeah, that cutie with the tomatoe is one of my boys). The evening reflected their excellent work all the way down to the compostable silverware.  So if you are single and surfing and wanna help some kids get fresh veggies, check out the Taste of Cambridge and bring my boys for free.