Monday, July 26, 2010

The OBX Beach Experience; Nags Head Beach, Nags Head, OBX, NC

We are beach snobs.  We devour beaches like we do zoos.  We should be beach connoisseurs for the National Academy of Beach Assessors.  We drove over fourteen hours to join our friends Brian and Kaci and their three kiddos Ainslee, Chase and Lyla down on the Outer Banks.  And we studied this beach hard!  Six straight days at any beach is a record for us.  We didn’t even cheat on it with other more beautiful or rustic beaches like we usually do.  We couldn’t resist, it was so pretty and fun.

Boarding.  Our four-year old son learned how to boogie, wake and surf.  Clearly he is more coordinated than either of his parents.  Despite the jellyfish and beantown-like water temps this kid twisted and twirled, spun and dove through two and three foot waves for hours a day.  He was fearless.  Seven-year olds watched him in awe.  Blame it on the perfect four-year older waves.  Well, I noticed it didn’t help those other kids.

Elijah got into the wave act too.  Our little daredevil rode his daddy like Seabiscuit through the surf.  But his mojo was the sand.  The gentle slope was home to a million shells and millions more ghost crabs darting in and out of their holes all morning and evening.  Nags Head was that perfect balance of heat, sand and waves.  Even for dads.