Sunday, July 11, 2010

Wild Rides, Wild Beasts: York's Wild Kingdom, York, ME

Ahhh Maine in the summer.  Picturesque rocky shore lines.  Pristine mountain lakes feeding into Poland Springs.  Beautiful white tigers. Tigers?  Wait, you mean lobsters?  Scallops?  Puffins?  No, lions, tigers, bears, ya know.  York's Wild Kingdom was like a beer run across state lines.  Not sure you actually went there to save the money, but it sure was fun to be in Maine.

We started off the day in the Wild Kingdom of Animals.  Marlin Perkins would have been proud.  There were cassowaries and sloths, lemurs and servals.  While the pens were small, and the service a bit dated, there were plenty of wild friends to meet.  We pet at least forty goats and a few deer.  We hung out at the elephant show and actually got to feed her (she had just finished painting a landscape - animal cruelty no doubt!). Our pachyderm friend was almost as old as my parents. 

After lunch we hit Wild Kingdom amusements.  The rides were perfect.  Sydney hit the giant slide a few times, while the young ones flew around on planes (with gunner positions, thank goodness).  The highlight though was the bumper mobiles.  Sydney loved the big kid bumper cars, driving for real for the first time in his life.  Lij and cousin Sky hit the bumper boats (let's just say driving was less crucial here).  After four and half hours we were so toasted that we skipped the clam shack on the way home.  It never really felt like Maine, but it was sure worth the trip.