Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Dare to Play Indi League Ball; Kill Devil Hills Daredevils, Kill Devil Hills, NC

Kill Devil Hills, NC

Every summer is an opportunity to build my knowledge of our nation’s (and my boys) favorite pastime.  This summer I’m tackling the new biography of Sandy Koufax: A Lefty's Legacy by Jane Leavy.  Sandy was a kid of immigrants, a sandlot player from Brooklyn who left Lafayette, my grandparents’ high school for the big show.  As we sat on the bleachers at First Flight High to watch the Daredevils, you wondered whether these boys were headed their some day too.

Despite the DH, the perfect turf and Fox broadcasting, baseball hasn’t changed much in the last fifty years.  Independent summer ball teams here, like their colleagues in the Cape Cod League still give these boys a chance to hit college and get ready for the bigs.  It also gives my boys a chance to learn the fundamentals of walks, strike outs and the infield fly sitting behind home for free.  

The Daredevils drew a pretty decent crowd for a small park.  Perhaps it was their mascot, Homer the Wild Mustang, who was willing to offer up at least ten high-fives to Elijah.  Maybe it was the icee mascot who offered Sydney a chance to win a free one between innings by rolling giant dice on the field.  I am pretty confident though that it was the fine bbq pork sandwiches from
Pigmans’ (second night in a row baby, what luck!)  Either way it was a perfect end to a perfect week with our Carolinian friends.