Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Wild Horses, Great Biscuits; The Eastern Shore of Virginia, Chincoteague Island, VA

I have almost been run over by a moose in the Tetons.  I almost ran down a big brown bear in the Alaska's Chugach wilderness who thankfully took off.  But, I put my family at risk from a giant wild mustang who simply wanted an apple slice from a Subway kiddie meal.  You know those giant signs in Yellowstone that say “do not feed the wildlife!,”  and “do not get out of your cars!”  Why then, was my two year old out of the car with an apple slice in his hand within hoof kicking distance of his head?  I have no excuse but to say, “ I F’d up!”

Virginia just keeps getting better and better.  We did manage to join together in one of my Bucket List items; to walk amongst wild horses in the marshes of Chincoteague island.  Do I get points for hoisting the boys through the marsh to join me even though we had to leave wifey behind?    It was a mystical highlight of an eventful southern tour.  The beach here wasn’t too shabby either.

As we head across the Mason-Dixon I was terrified that I wouldn’t check off any southern trip must: Bojangles Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits.  Single-handidly the most terrible food for you and an almost near to G-D experience for the soul.  

I dedicate this haiku to Grandma Flora (F for the Finn in Liji Finn), who filled her fridge with a bucket every trip to Miami:

Biscuit’s dreamy flakes

Crisp, fried, salty, tender thigh

Slurp sweat southern tea…

Cradle of Liberty, watch out!