Monday, August 3, 2009

Why Maine Rocks: Acadia National Park, Mt. Desert Island, ME

Acadia National Park
Mt. Desert Island, ME

Reasons to venture:

  • The sunrise at Cadillac Mountain is the first in the US, as you can see above we didn't quite make it in time.
  • Lij's first real hike at Jordan Pond with a killer salad overlooking the lake and the mountains to follow.
  • The Seawall is the best tide pool "jungle gym" in the east, the campground is pretty sweet too.
  • Sydney got to hold the reigns on Mr. Rockefeller's carriage rides at Wildwood stables, horses are so cool and so was Mr. Mike.
30 seconds or less, top five national parks...


Hey, there. I'm Kami. said...

I thought Acadia was really kid-friendly. The different attractions are so varied that it doesn't get boring. And the civilization that is Bar Harbor is just a hop, skip and a jump away!

The Dadventurer said...

You just liked the tent with three inches of rain in it babe.