Sunday, August 3, 2014

Smorgasburg, Pier 5, Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY

I go to great lengths to avoid Williamsburg and to even further ones to explore Brooklyn Bridge Park with the boys.  So when I heard the one reason I ever ventured into hipsterville was now next to the bridge, I was sold. 

Our kids are evolving into foodies.  I know it's obnoxious, but I kinda don't care. Even before they hit the new Ample Hills stand, they ventured through Nic's bud's place at Ramen Burger, then onto the Lumpia Shack, some sticky rice at the Bamboo Bites stand and then we threw in some Bunna's Ethiopian iced coffee and Thai street roti for me and a Thai iced tea for mommy. 

We had also gotten really excited for the new features at Pier 2 this season. We desperately wanted to get our rollerskate on, but they were washed out.  So instead we old-schooled it with some shuffle board and bocce, free of charge. 

We even managed to get mommy and her preggers belly in in the action to earn a stop back at the food carts for blackberry People's Pops, bubble tea and delicious limeade. Hey, bocce is thirsty work!