Monday, August 4, 2014

Daddy Day Camp '14, vol. 1, Great DADventures Six Flags, Jackson, NJ

Daddy Day Camp '14, Day #1
Six Flags Great Adventure
Rye 537

Today we launched Daddy Day Camp.  We decided that the most fun way to prep for Stay-at-home dad-dom would be to enjoy a summer of fantastic with the boys.  So I left my job early and the next month is dedicated to squeezing every ounce out of August.

My kids love animals.  The also love amusement park rides.  Despite our many trips to Busch Gardens to see my uncle Arnie hard at work, we don't have that luxury in the northeast.  Except for Great Adventures.  We got to the "Safari Off-Road Adventure" early before the crowds (ok, we did get in a ride on the "Runaway Mine Train" first.  As twenty of us piled into a "safari" car and tumbled across the "continents" we hung out with gnus, 'roos, dozens of species of antelopes and a number of tigers.

Things started to heat up after lunch so we circled back around to the Saw Mill Log Flume.  While not terrifying, it was a solid soak (fake sad, faces, no worries).  Then we headed to El Toro.  While the attendant at the entrance insisted Liji could make it on, the attendant at the ride forty-minutes of waiting later confirmed my fears that this was not true and we sadly headed off in search of fun.

Getting challenged to a Stampede Bumper Car duel will bring a smile back to any face.  But, even happier was cutting the line at the Dark Knight indoor coaster with our "exit" pass from the attendant at El Toro.  But the biggest smile on the face sadly came from a stuffed Bugs Bunny and giant-headed wolf that we won at the squirt gun races.  Ahhh, know that's amusement!