Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Daddy Day Camp '14, vol. 3, Pop-ups & Roller Dancers, Brooklyn BridgePark, Pier 2, Brooklyn, NY

Lanyard is back, and so is the B63 bus on another Daddy Day Camp trip. This time we headed out with our neighbors/BFFs Luke and Ruby.  After two excellent weeks together at New Country Day Camp they couldn't wait for another play date.  We stayed local, but fun and headed back to pier 2

It's always fun with these guys because you never know the combos you'll get. Today Sydney skated with Luke and Ruby helped out Liji.  I have memorized the official summer soundtrack, so I was not shocked to hear it blaring in the awesome new roller rink looking over the bridge and the Manhattan skyline.  Liji and Sydney love ice skating, so roller was just a refresher. 

But even more exciting was Mayor Mike's pop-up pool campaign.  This cute little one came replete with its own beach and Lizzmonade stand of delicious drinks. If it weren't for the 45 minute time limits to deal with a 60 person capacity, we may never have left.