Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Daddy Day Camp '14 vol. 2, Long Island Surfers, Jones Beach State Park, Wantagh, NY

Jones Beach State Park

We launched our second phase of Daddy Day Camp today by adding in our friends Ben, Ben and Mouna.  Mouna and Liji have been BFFs since PK and Sydney has been chilling with the Bens since K.  

I took the easy route for my first solo with five kiddos.  We hoped our alternative transit jams, the corner B63 bus, to Atlantic terminal and got the MTA Family Beach pass for $22.50 for all 6 of us, round trip! (Ironically it was the Nassau county NICE bus standing us up for 30 mins. on the return that was the only week link). 

As always, Liji, Mouna and I jumped in quick to drip castling. The boys put in a request for "Hogwarts" this time.  The big kids launched into a big surf for most of the day.  It was one of those beautiful, New York summer days where it has super hot and humid in town, but a lovely breeze by us. 

There's little that beats a day at the beach with buds. Perfect weather,  traffic-free train rides and refreshing waves on a sticky day make the grade.  Thanks MTA!  Sorry we didn't stay for the show with Fogerty and Jackson Brown.