Sunday, August 3, 2014

The Bright Lights of Broadway with "Matilda", Shubert Theater, NY, NY

One of the most important reasons for living in the "Big Apple" is the access to one of the world's most amazing performing arts scenes. It has been a good year for us both with the kids "Spider-Man, Turn off the Dark" and without "Of Mice and Men" (ok Spider-Man was not that awesome, but James Franco surprisingly was). 

We racked up playbills this year like we owned the place.  But by far the best performance  has been this adaptation of the amazing Roald Dahl book, "Matilda."

Perhaps you are living on another planet and never experienced "Willy Wonka" or "The Witches," but if you have, you know that there is no greater children's author dead or alive. "Matilda the Musical" did not disappoint (and I hate musicals and book adaptations in general). From the fantastical moving "scrabble" set to the nine year old lead that nailed it, our boys were equally inspired to tryout one day for the "Great White Way."  So whether you're in town for good or the weekend, make it out to see this show before it's too late!