Thursday, August 28, 2014

Daddy Day Camp vol. 6, 80's Dadventures at Action Park, Vernon, NJ

"Jessie's Girl" blares over the pool side radios. Ghostbusters is in theaters. Cut Jersey boys swing from vines into deep pools like Tarzan.  The only give aways that we weren't in 1984?  The hair on the girls ain't that big, "Born in the USA" has been out for thirty years and I'm no longer  enjoying my last boyhood summer before junior high. 

None of this kept me from "bookin it" up the molten sidewalk in bare feet to the High Tide Wave pool.  Sure there are a few new rides, and the resort name has changed, but little else at this water park paradise. 

 We ate the same chicken fingers my dad bought me all those years ago under the same beach themed umbrellas. Sydney rode his christening Tarzan Swing ride, soaring twenty feet in the air over a deep clear pool. Liji, just at the 48" magic number tagged along for everything else. 

But what did we return to again and again?  That magical place where the waves are perfect, the water salt free and the lifeguards aplenty.  So if need a break from the beach and a little nostalgia in NW Jersey, this is your place.