Sunday, June 29, 2014

"On the Waterfront" at Pier 6 at Brooklyn Bridge Park, Brooklyn, NY

Pier 6
Brooklyn Bridge Park
Brooklyn, NY

When we first moved to Brooklyn back in '04, nobody was hanging out at the piers.  Then came Magic Mike and they transformed.  Like Bloomberg or not, the waterfront is unrecognizable from the industrial days of the largest shipping port in the world.  "On the Waterfront" was a great Brando flick to show to my students about union corruption on the docks, but I sure didn't want to hang out there.

Pier 6 was a pioneer, long before the Long Island city, Red Hook and Manhattan pier transformations.  And it just keeps getting better.  We first came to Pier Six years ago when the urban oasis of Governor's Island ferry launched from there.  Then we started hoping the B63 for the amazing playground, especially Slide Mountain and the Waterlab.  Where else can you climb a tower in Brooklyn, plummet down a hundred foot slide or get drenched all in view of the Manhattan skyline?

Today, with our friends William and Elle we stepped it up a notch.  Elle's super cool dad Andy suggested the beer garden rooftop at Fornino's and neither the ice cream, the views or the beer disappointed.  So whether you are heading off for a bike ride on the Island, a volleyball match at the piers, a free kayak spin or a walk over the Brooklyn Bridge, stop here first or last, but don't miss Pier 6.