Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rock, Rock, Rockaway Beach, The Rockaways, Queens, NY

Rock, Rock, Rockaway Beach
97th Street and Shorefront Parkways
The Rockaways, Queens

If you are not a Ramones fan, then you must be a Bloomberg New Yorker.  Rockaway beach is a passion of my boys, mainly cause they love the song "Rockaway Beach."  Like Joey Ramones New York of the '77 this beach has all the grit and all the cool of CBGBs.  This ain't no Jersey shore, but it surely isn't the Cape either.  

Hurricane Sandy did a number on this entire flood plane.  The boardwalk is still missing, you have to climb a prefab dune over a giant metal pipe to access the water, and there is construction fencing everywhere.  But like every good New Yorker that fateful fall, we pitched in for the recovery; the boys helping to make sandwiches at their synagogue Congregation Beth Elohim. "CBE Feeds" has since gone on to feed over 185,000 victims.

But the don't be fooled, like their neighbors Coney Islandthe Rockaways are back!  Those annoying hipsters are even checking in to the Playland Motel.  The amazing Food Court a la Williamsburg's Smorgasburg  features the Lobster Joint Rockaway Beach Surf Club and more.  Name another city beach where you can get fresh brews, fresh smoothies, lobster rolls or arepas.  So hop the A train or the BQE, but get back in time to get back to the "city that never sleeps."