Monday, June 30, 2014

No Lions, No Tigers, No Bears, but Oh My: The Prospect Park Zoo, Brooklyn, NY

Prospect Park Zoo

It is no understatement to say that we moved back to the Slope for the Park.  We spend every nice weekend day there, and often a sunny weekday afternoon too.  The boys have gone to CBE day camp there, played SFX little league on the fields and both of us worked there for Brooklyn Heights Montessori summer back in the day.  But the highlight by far is the Prospect Park Zoo.

A member of the Wildlife Conservation Society, it is smaller than it's more famous partners the Bronx and Central Park Zoos.  It has fewer Sea Lion shows than it's other partner the New York Aquarium, but it is the perfect way to spend a beautiful afternoon with your two fav boys.  

We rode over with my new Father's day bike.  We hit the Farm animals first off, because who doesn't want to fee a Jacob four-horned sheep?  I then lost Sydney to the Peahen (wife of the more colorful peacock), her little chicks and the amazing employee who filled my sons head with so many facts Liji and I couldn't retain them all.  

But when push comes to shove, the Lewis Levin boys are primate fans.  I love the Marmosets, Sydney wanted to take home the Golden Lion Tamarins, but Liji was smitten with the Hamadryas Baboons and their big pink tushies!  But, just as we were leaving the red pandas behind we hit one of three daily Sea Lion shows.  Now this is nothing compared to our backstage passes to the seals with Aunt Kathy at the New England Aquarium, but it was a great way to wrap up a perfect day.  So bike on over or take the B61, but whatever you do, don't miss the best show in Brooklyn!