Thursday, July 3, 2014

From Dim Sum to Pirate Booty; Chueng Chau Island, Hong Kong, PRC

What's a nice Jewish family from New York to do as soon as they wake up in the city that always eats?  DIM SUM!  We hiked on over to Central HK to Lin Hueng Tea House at 8am (ok, we stopped at Starbucks to fight the jet lag, and yes we had been up since 4).  This place hasn't changed since 1950 when it opened, but the shrimp dumplings were amazing and the pork bau unreal.  Great way to get the day started.  

We then hopped a ferry for the outer island of Chueng Chau.  In under an hour you've left one of the busiest and most crowded cities in the world and decamped on a remote little town with only bikes for wheels, umbrellas to keep off the sun and wrapped all up in beaches.  We walked a block or so to the edge of town and stumbled into the Pak Tai Temple; small but beautiful. 

Besides the calm and cool ferry ride (deluxe means the top deck and  better AC?) we needed some relief from the heat, better yet the sticky, thick air.  Thankfully Kam packed bathing suits for Nic and the boys.  We headed down to Kwun Yam Wan beach, bought a few towels and more drinks and the boys dove in.  I tried hard to ignore the shark warnings and imagined these skinny little life guards wrestling jaws off my boys). Thankfully Nic went in to save the day. 

We wrapped up our trip with a little lasagna (yeah, you read that right) for the boys at a little hipster ferry pier restaurant, the Pink Pig.  I convinced Kam that the Cheung Po Tsai cave was not worth the two hour walk in 85% humidity and we jetted home on the ferry.  She was really bummed to miss her first pirate cove.  All the same, a great first day in HK!