Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Chinese" Disney,Disney Land, Lantau Island, Hong Kong, PRC

What do you do with an afternoon to kill near the airport in Hong Kong and you need the kids to stay up late to adjust for jet lag?  Why, head to Disneyland!  It just so happens that the two ladies on this trip are South Florida residents who went to "Florida" day in Orlando as an annual rite of passage. 

So what makes this different from Disney World?  Umm, it's in Chinese for starters. Everything is in miniature from Sleeping Beauty's Castle to Tomorrowland.  But more importantly it also includes Mystic Point, Toy Story Land and a number of "Asian" themed restaurants.  

Like most of the rides. Grizzly Gulch was a more modernized runaway train than Orlando's.  Mystic Manor was a fascinating take on the Age of Exploration in a Haunted Mansion fashion.  Toy Story Land was beautifully anchored by Tinkertoys giant Slinky the Dog rides and your fav toys from growing up.  

But the highlight of this cool, sea breezy evening was Kam's fav "It's a Small World." (Ok, having a planet named "KamiandSeth" as the main act of an animated Stitch show was pretty cool).  Shockingly there was no wait, and the diversity blew away its Orlando partner.  From the Pacific Islands to the Middle East, the representations were fantastic!

Dinner and dancing were the magical "Chinese" cap on the night. What better way to spend our last night in China than with piggie bao and fireworks!  Let's see what Tomorrow brings ...