Sunday, July 20, 2014

Move Over Williamsburg; Redtory, Ghuangzhou, PRC

My kids fancy themselves artists and as such, they love a good artist collective.  Like MassMOCA in North Adams, MA these folks have made mastery out of industrial space.  Guangzhou has always played second fiddle for its industrial past, but this outpost of post-modernism is a vision for old Canton's future. 

Unlike our obnoxious neighbors in Williamsburg who are DYIing designer pickles, these people are making the space the art.  For fans of Japanese animation classic "My Neighbor Totoro," your kids can even get in on the fun at the ceramic studio.  

The beauty and uniqueness of this space is its quintessential "Chineseness."   The giant Buddha with hair, the distinctly Chinese angels in this masterful open space, covered with sandy floors and the kitsch she trending western has plenty of eastern spin. 

Like Williamsburg, this too shall pass. Redtory will not be secret for long.  The most interesting space, a reconstructed old train depot and cars was the site of simultaneous photo shoots while we passed through.  So if you're passing through soon, get the kids there before it becomes home to million to million dollar condos that artists could never afford. 


Anonymous said...

Once again, very intersting aspect that I was unaware. Glad you got to see it.

your source for blogging adventures for dads and moms said...

Hey "anonymous," some day you will have to go to Asia to visit Lon and Nina!