Thursday, June 26, 2014

Single A Ball by the Sea: The Brooklyn Cyclones at Coney Island, Brooklyn, NY

The Brooklyn Cyclones

Single A Affiliate for the New York Mets

MCU Field
1904 Surf Ave.Brooklyn, NY

We are back in Brooklyn; been back for three years.  back in the borough where my grandparents were raised.  The boys are bigger.  They have new friends.  Beantown is behind us, but never far from our hearts.  While we don't make it to Fenway as much these days (although we did get to see Game SIX, even stayed for Papi's MVP ceremony) we still love baseball.  I coach Little League for Liji (soccer for Sydney) in the Saint Francis Xavier League, a wonderful, fun-filled intro to the game of dreams for both boys.  They have both decided shortstop is for them (Nomar!)

So how do you fuel the flames of baseball passion in a city known for two of our hated rivals? (Yes, we go dressed in Sox gear to Yankee stadium, old and new many times and we go to City Field each year with little league to march across the turf with thousands of little leaguers).  What does a Sox fan do?  We go to Single A ball with 800 of our closest PS 321 classmates.

What better way to relaunch the blog after a three year hiatus than the most family-friendly event in Brooklyn.  Every seat is good (we sat four rows up from the field for $16), we got free "BC" hats (again) and besides the ridiculously long line for hotdogs, the staff is so kid-friendly it's one of the few places in New York where you can let the kids roam and get their new hats signed by the cheerleaders (I know!), Sandy the Seabird and King Henry the MC.

So come to Coney Island; catch a game, ride the new Thunderbolt, grab a hotdog at Nathan's or just chill on the beach, but make sure to check out the game at MCU field.