Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snow Day! Sledding at Walnut Hill, Natick, MA

For those of you following from afar, it has been a winter wonderland here in Greater Boston.  This is our third snow day this season and the  banks are so high, we can barely see our neighbor's house.  The NY Times says it is sunny and warm in northern Canada, so thanks for the Arctic winds Canucks!  We've gone Xcountry in Weston , downhill at Smuggs and sledding at Elm Bank.  We decided last snow day to try a new spot.

The Walnut Hill School  brings kids from all over the world to study performing arts.  They must have been indoors today.  Usually Kam hangs out across the street at the Loker Street playground.  But, the other day as we were heading with our new sled (it has since been buried in the front yard somewhere, yes, trust me we looked through the snow for twenty minutes) to Elm Bank again, we remembered just how windy it can be.  I had an image in my head of Walnut Hill and kids sledding their past winters.  It was in great shape and mobbed.

This morning the snow had stopped by seven and the sun was out, so we headed back to Walnut Hill.  We made the tracks.  A foot of fresh snow and we carried Liji up the hill.  We made our own toboggan run (see Kam on You Tube with our new Old Timey movie 8 mm app.)  Ten runs later we hit our old haunt Mel's for burgers and fries and are ready for naps.  Oh how I love a good snow day.


Cindy said...

I remember sledding this hill in the 1950's and early 60's. In fact 1 day we went all the way to the bottom and almost out into the road, that was a little scary! Wonder if the old school still stands on the hill there?

Jackie O'Brien said...

I remember growing up and sledding in Needham MA. But we would often make some trips over to Natick and play on the hills for hours. Great memories. I would love to check out some homes for sale Needham MA, and perhaps go to the hills on a snowy day to reminisce.

Aerobob MYOB said...

Every Christmas I watch my family's old home movies, which have since been converted to DVD. One of the scenes is from Walnut Hill, where we went sledding every year in the 50's and 60's. I am now the oldest surviving member of my family, Mom and Dad are gone as well as my older sister. My younger brother and younger sister are still here though, fortunately. But it brings back great times from our years in Natick to watch all the fun we had on Walnut Hill. It's a landmark in our family history.