Saturday, January 15, 2011

Smugg's Downhill; Smuggler's Notch Resort, Jeffersonville, VT

I am a ski snob.  There, I admit it.  Every winter my dad "dragged" me out to Colorado for the Winter Conference on Brain Research (check them out those  nueroscientists singing  on YouTube, really!)  This may not sound sexy to you, but for me it was a week off school every year at Aspen, Vail, Keystone and my all time fav Steamboat Springs.  I was so inspired by the runs, the hot tubs and (as I got older in the 80's), those hot pink ski pants that I vowed never to ski east again, and moved out there the minute I graduated college.

Given the impact that fuel costs have on flights from Beantown to the Rockies, we decided to go local this weekend.  I had never been to the Northern Kingdom of Vermont, and Foodie Mommy rec'd Smugg's from a summer post.  Sydney and I started our day at  Sir Henry's Learning and Fun Park when the magic carpet opened.   We took our chances on Mogul Mouse's Magic Lift and followed under it on Magic Learning Trail which was a perfect last run for him to get him ready for his first big day of ski school tomorrow.   Lij hit the magic carpet a few times too, wheeeing all the way home.

But it was my afternoon DadBreak (thanks babe for getting this blog weekend comped and then letting me ski, you rock!), that lead me to Madonna.  I found her on my sweet, new Smugg's App for my iphone.  This lovely lady of a lift gave me access to some of the best double blacks in the east.  The pitch was perfect, the bumps in great shape and there was actually snow covering most of them (sorry Killington, but your sheer ice excuse for moguls almost killed me in college).  Four tough runs later and we hit the hot tub at our majestic two bedroom condo suite.  How suite it is, this MLK weekend!