Saturday, January 8, 2011

Skatastic! The Loring Rink, Framingham, MA

The height of sixth grade cool growing up was chasing girls on skates at the old MDC rink on Soldiers Field Road.  Why not get my boys ready early?  I mean, how embarrassing would it be if one of them was skating backwards and fell on his butt in front of the cutest girl in the class (ok, maybe I did that). 

Sydney got out on skates early.  He was still two (by three weeks people), when we put blades of steel on his feet and hobbled around the rink.  Last winter we got out on our back nine,  Lake Cochituate, when our cool neighbor plowed a rink off our dock.  We even discovered the coolest old man walker for mini-skaters I've ever seen at Floyd Hall rink in Jersey.  By the end of that session he was out on his own.

Today, with his new skates on Sydney let me drag him around for about thirty seconds.  Then he decided to head out on his own.  Sure, all those hard core Jr. Flyer  kids were flying by him with pads and helmets, but I didn't say I want him on the hockey team people! (Although our 9th grade babysitter on the Natick Comets Girls' team is pretty cool)  A few minutes later we hit the snack bar for cocoa and a pretzel.  One more hard fall and we were out of there.  It won't be the last knock on the head, that's for sure.