Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Venture on the Farm, Great Brook Ski Touring, Carlisle, MA

If ever there was a "scene" in the cross-country world, this is the place.  From the outfits to the Subaru wagons in the filled, endless parking lot, who knew outdoorsy types got it on like this.  We met our Aunt Kathi and her boys Ari and Nate for a little morning stroll around the loop.  Our boys are in love with their middle school cousins, so as soon as we hit the snow, Sydney was off in a mad dash with Ari.  They had been out of pulk sleds since they opened early at 8:30AM, so today was the day for Liji's first xcountry ski adventure.

Liji is a talker.  Last night as his brother slept next to him, he spent the entire late night ride from Westwood, recapping the movie Ponyo we had just seen with our other cousins Skylar, Lexi, Roni and Jadon.  Today, was no exception.  He was so excited to get his skis on, but even more excited to provide a running dialogue on the form of every person that passed us by. Ten feet of skiing, ten minutes of pause and he bested Howard Cossell and the Battle of the Network Stars (featuring Wonderwoman). 

Sydney had a great round with his cuz, but did crash and burn with a nasty blister at the end.  We were saved by Ferns' Country Store.  There is nothing a little ham and cheese with a side of bandaids that we cant fix.