Friday, December 31, 2010

Blizzard 2010; Weston Ski Track, Weston, MA

 My wife is from Miami.  Yes, this is a picture of my wife and I in snow pants.  It was a long ten years from our first x-country ski trip till now.  Last time she was trying to convince me that you can take the girl out of Miami so I would marry her.  This time she credits the snow pants.  I credit the 45 degree temps and crystal clear blue skies.  Sydney was just happy to have somebody else to fall with.

I grew up loving Weston Ski Track.  It was a ten minute car ride and always had snow.  I started out on x-country at the same age Sydney did, somewhere around 2-3.  Liji would not be lured into such madness, but he sure loved the pulk .  He fell asleep somewhere around minute ten.   Weston makes snow, which keeps them in business from December 15th till March 15th, a pretty good deal for those golfers at Leo J. Martin (it doubles as a course in the off-season... you notice I say "doubles" 'cause which is the real sport here?).

By the third hill, both mommy and Sydney alike stayed upright the entire ride down.  Mommy doing her best imitation of Liji's potty-training, grinning from ear to ear.  Sydney, serious in his tuck down the hill.   We are off to Smuggler's Notch (this is a shameless plug as they may comp us a third night if we post about them) in a few weeks for my Hanukah present.  Dare I dream that I've taken the Miami right out of that girl once and for all?