Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Where the Fun Never Stops: Playtown Express, Hopkinton, MA

There's a little something for everyone at Playtown. Note here that Sydney lured Liji both onto the slide and into the moon bounce.

Playtown Express
25 South Street
Hopkinton, MA

Ok, so I admit that I am that dad. The one that wants to jump in the pool with the kids the minute the swim suits are on. So, it was with buddha-like patience that I had to stand and watch Sydney fly down the awesome, inflated slide (see above). Given the lines, Sydney had to have a little patience of his own. At least I could use Liji's age as a reason to sit in the bounce house with him, but hands-off, I most certainly am not.

This place is so popular, we couldn't even get Sydney a birthday party reservation two months in advance!, (I mean besides Super Bowl Sunday, but come on dads!) Where we all needed a little more patience in this pleasure dome was for the other tots. I had hoped they too would have read How do Dinosaurs Play with Thier Friends by Jane Yolen. The two staff on hand looked like they were playing D on a fast break of Jordan and Magic. So come prepared with your game face on for fun, just make sure you take a few mother's little helpers ahead of time.


Inga said...

Ooooh Italy! Take me with you! I speak intermediate Italian! I'll babysit!

Seth said...

don't joke Inga, we'd love a babysitter : )